Hostel decorations: Equity Point Prague’s “Good soldier Švejk”


The Good Soldier Švejk, also spelled Schweik or Schwejk, is the abbreviated title of an unfinished satirical/dark comedy novel by Jaroslav Hašek. And it has inspired the painting at Equity Point Prague’s room 402.

It was originally illustrated by Josef Lada. The original Czech title of the work is Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za sv?tové války, literally The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War. He has become the Czech national personification.

A number of literary critics consider The Good Soldier Švejk to be one of the first anti-war novels, preceding Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front. Even Joseph Heller said that if he had not read The Good Soldier Švejk, he would never have written his novel Catch-22. Continue reading

Hostel decorations : Equity Point Prague’s “Franz Kafka”



Franz Kafka is best known and world-renowned representative of Prague German literature, one of the most significant fiction writers in 20th-century world literature.

After graduating in law from Prague’s German University, he worked from 1907 to 1922 as an official in two insurance associations. He regarded writing as his main purpose in life and found it hard to reconcile in with his work at the office which he performed conscientiously. Continue reading

Hostel decorations: Equity Point Prague’s “Bohemian Crystal”

Bohemian Crystal Room


Today, precious design it’s our subject. Bohemian glass, or Bohemia crystal, is a decorative glass produced in regions of Bohemia and Silesia, now in the current state of the Czech Republic, since the 13th century.

Oldest archaeology excavations of glass-making sites date to around 1250 and are located in the Lusatian Mountains of Northern Bohemia.

Bohemia was a part of the Austro/Hungarian Empire now part of the Czech Republic, and was famous for its beautiful and colourful glass. Continue reading

Hostel decorations: Equity Point Prague’s “Sugar cubes”

Sugar Cubes

Now-a-days going to have a coffee and put some sugar cubes is a normal action. But when they were born?

Sugar cubes were first produced in the nineteenth century. In the 1840s, Juliana Rad, who was married to the head of a sugar refinery in Moravia –Czech Republic–, cut a finger while chopping sugar. She complained to her husband, perhaps while waving her bandaged hand: Why not make units of sugar that would come perfectly sized for one cup of tea?

Jakub Krystof Rad’s innovation was to use a press to make the cubes, and he soon presented a box of them to his wife. Continue reading

CONTEST! Win 3 nights at Equity Point Prague!

We’re still celebrating the opening of Equity Point Prague and we want to do it with you. So we’re doing a contest. To win you only have to apply on this link at our facebook page.

Two people will win a stay for two in a private room of three days and nights at Equity Point Prague. You only have to be over 18 years old to be able to apply. You can participate until June 12th and the winners will be announced on June 13th.

What are you waiting for?? Participate in the contest!

Cerný, the sculptures that will impress you in Prague

Cerný is a well known controversial Czech sculptor whose art can be seen mainly in Prague. His work tries to impact the visitor and you shouldn’t miss it when you visit us at Equity Point Prague.

During the London Olympics a Double-decker London bus making pushups in front of the Czech embassy became really famous. This was just one of the latest’s Cerný’s sculptures created to impress the public.

In Prague you can find some of Cerný’s most important works such as a horse hanging upside down at Lucerna Pasaz, a Sigmund Freud statue hanging at U Medviku beer hall, a sculpture of two men urinating in front of Frank Kafka Museum, babies crawling on the Zizkov TV Tower, more babies crawling in front of Museum Kampa, and two giant legs at Futura, where you’re invited to climb up the ladders and watch two famous Czech politicians feeding each other through the anus of the sculpture.

Cerný’s sculptures are always impressive and force you think outside the box.

Today opens Equity Point Prague

Today is the big day as Equity Point Prague opens to the public. We’re very proud because it’s our 10th hostel and the first in Eastern Europe.

Equity Point Prague has 150 beds, a lounge area, a bar, a dining room area, a kitchen available for guests, a launderette and a chill out area. The building has been fully renovated and it now has wooden floors, granite staircases, modern bathrooms and double pane windows, something really important in Prague’s winter.

But probably the most interesting thing about Equity Point Prague is its location at the heart of the old town, at Ostrovni Street. It’s just some steps away from Slavia Café and 5 minutes walking from Charles Bridge.

When you visit Prague you love its magic atmosphere and if you stay at Equity Point Prague you’ll have a wonderful time.

We’re hiring in Prague!!

For opening in Prague next April we have start recruiting staff for the different departments. Applicants must have previous hospitality experience. You need to be outgoing, a good communicator with a strong customer service focus for all positions.

We are recruiting:

  • 5 receptionists (rotary shifts from Monday to Friday (day shift working hours between 7AM-11 PM / evening/night shift working hours between 7 PM – 07 AM). FULL TIME. English and Czech are a must.
  • 2 Bar tenders (rotary shifts evenings from 6 PM – 12 AM). 30 hours a week. Role may also include some shifts at reception. English and Czech are a must.
  • 3 housekeeping (rotary shifts – part-time 20 & 30 hours/week). Basic/medium English required.
  • 1 maintenance responsible (part time – 20/25 hours/week). Basic/medium English required.

You can apply for this job by sending your application to Please include a covering letter and full CV. Quote REF: PRAGUE (and role applying to) in the email subject.