My point of view #5

MY POINT OF VIEW #5 (by Tatiana Sisquella) 

In Barcelona, as in any other big city, we are used to living with many things: pollution, noise, building work, the sales seasons…but if there's one thing I personally think we are getting increasingly worse at, it has to be living with pigeons. Yes, that's right; pigeons. Those birds that are both grey in appearance and attitude, that contribute nothing to the landscape nor to the logistics of the city. Those creatures that pass amongst us like untouchable extraterrestrials without the slightest intention of adapting to our society. Barcelona, like other big cities, is suffering from a plague of pigeons that nobody knows how to stop.

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My point of view #4

MY POINT OF VIEW #4 (by Tatiana Sisquella)

Throughout much of its history Barcelona has been divided for political reasons. One of the points about which people are still far from unanimous is the subject of the monarchy. There are those who openly proclaim themselves to be republicans, and there are those who are monarchists, some out of conviction and others by force of circumstance. There are also those who don’t care one way or the other, and then there are those who still haven’t decided. Strangely, though, there is one day each year on which nobody would dare to put into doubt the need to welcome ‘Their Majesties’ with full honours. That day is 6th January.

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My Point of View #2

MY POINT OF VIEW 2 (by Tatiana Sisquella)

Maybe it’s just me, even when I was a little girl it didn’t come naturally to me to just get up on to a bicycle and go for a ride. How can I put it? I just never found it any fun at all. In fact, one of the worst days in my entire childhood was the afternoon that my father decided that that was quite enough of having those two stabilisers on either side of the wheels. I was a big 8-year-old girl now, and so it was time to face up to life with courage, and without stabilisers.
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My Point of View

MY POINT OF VIEW – No. 1 (by Tatiana Sisquella)

Defining the people who live in a country is complicated. In fact, for centuries we have been trying to do just that and it won't be me who now resolves a matter that has provoked so much debate, ignited such passion and sparked off so many wars amongst Catalans. However, we have to start somewhere and I think that if there is one figure that says something about the Catalan character it has to be the 'caganer'.
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What a big city sounds like

Barcelona has nothing to do in terms of modern music with the rest of Catalonia, which is at the same time radically different than Spanish scene. I think every place has its own peculiarities, but nowadays the main differences are between big cities and, let's say, the rest. Barcelona is similar to Madrid, similar to Bilbao, to Paris, London and Berlin.

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Barcelona and more

It is very common among the people visiting Barcelona, tourists, travellers, etc. To visit the city, its museums, famous buildings, its streets, bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. But they tend to show zero interest on the other cities an sites outside Barcelona (oh! Except for the Dali museum in Figueres of course…).

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Bicing (the new BCN bike sharing system)

I want to explain my feelings regarding the new bike sharing system we have in Barcelona. Just 5 months (or so) ago, the city started suplying bike stations, covering a big area in the city, where you (for a small annual fee: 24 €) can pick any available bike and ride towards your destination. The first ½ hour is free, and after that you start paying 30 cents per additional ½ hour.

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