Reasons to visit Equity Point Marrakech


Sometimes internet users give you nice surprises. And that’s what happened at Tripadvisor with the amazing review of Equity Point Marrakech by Oneredpanther. It sounds more as a novel passage than an internet review. Take a look at it, it’s gorgeous.

Exploring Equity Point on the first day is like unexpectedly winning the millionaire-prize in the hostel lottery.

The dark yet comfortable reception gives way to a leafy fountained courtyard, myriad immaculately tiled corridors, shafts of light pooling from the open roofs, scrupulously clean bathrooms and finally the centrepiece courtyard flanked by white arched galleries surrounding a perfect four-stroke swimming pool. Overlooking the pool is a sumptuous divan outside the impressive 8-bed dorm.

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Don’t get lost on your way to Equity Point Marrakech


The sinuous streets of Marrakech are a nightmare to tourists which get lost easily. With the aim to help our customers we’ve tried to ease their ways to Equity Point Marrakech by marking all the way to the hostel.

Both paths to the hostel, the one starting at Djemaa el Fnaa and the one starting from Bab Sour, have been marked with yellow and black paints on the walls to guide you right to the hostel. And the beginning of the way, at the Bab Sour, has a sign showing you the star of your way to the hostel.

We’re always trying to improve the service to our customers, and we hope none of you will get lost again. Just look for the marks on the walls.

The amazing swimming pool at Equity Point Marrakech


When people arrive to Equity Point Marrakech get impressed by the luxury of the place. It’s easy to notice that before being a Hostel it was a sumptuous Riad (Riad Amazigh) and it’s because we’ve maintained all the furniture and extras that make Riads so special.

In addition to all the magnificence of the Hostel, our guests emphasize the difference that makes having such a great swimming pool available. Besides, the swimming pool is in an astonishing location with an arcade courtyard and a characteristic Moroccan fountain. In a typical year the swimming pool will be open from April to October, but it mostly depends on the weather. You’ll be able to enjoy it daily from 10am to 6pm. Continue reading