Equity Point Lisboa at the news

Last weekend Equity Point Lisboa appeared at the TV news from RTP, the national Portuguese TV channel.

It’s a short report about how to travel to Lisbon spending just 150 Euros in three days. Don’t you think it’s possible? Sleeping at Equity Point Lisboa is the key, but they also show some tips to have some good traditional dishes.

There are no excuses to have s short trip to Lisbon, a great city with several historical spots to visit and an amazing nightlife. And remember; if you want to go to Portugal visit our Lisbon Hostel.

Lisbon Carnival 2011


Lisbon becomes a big disguise party every year for the Carnival, which this year takes place the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of March. Satire and masks take the streets of Lisbon and you can find a party everywhere you go, as it happens at many Portuguese cities those days.

But apart from the street parties there are also several private parties in clubs aimed to serve that special party that everyone is looking for. You can find some traditional parties, some Rock parties, DJ’s…

If you want to attend to all those incredible Lisbon Parties remember you can book at Equity Point Lisboa, a Hostel in Lisbon city center, you’ll be at walking distance to almost every single party in the city. Hurry up! It takes place next week!

Belem, a historical neighborhood of Lisbon


Belem is situated where the Tajo River has its mouth to the sea in Lisbon, and that’s why it was the place where the Caravels on Christopher Columbus sailed to discover the Americas. Probably one of the most important historical spots of the city.

Most of the neighborhood was built during the reign of Manuel I of Portugal (1495-1521). He wanted to show the world his imperial power and built monuments and churches, including Belem Tower and Monasterio de los Jerónimos. It also has big streets, palaces, museums, gardens…

It’s really easy to get to the main streets of Barrio de Belem from Equity Point Lisboa, as we’re located next to Restauradores, an important transit hub. You will enjoy our Lisbon Hostel.

Photo | Massimo Cantarinella

Eat bacalhau in Lisbon, the Portuguese national dish


Bacalhau is the way that’s called the dried and salted cod fish in Portuguese and it’s the national dish. It’s also popular in some other countries such as Norway or Canada, but the Portuguese prepare Bacalhau making it the tastiest fish dish you’ll ever try.

There are several different recipes of Bacalhau in Portugal, all of them great for the palate, but maybe the most popular and delicate one is Bacalhau à Brás. You should try it when you visit our Hostel in Lisbon.

Bacalhau à Brás in made with shreds of salted cod, onions, fried potatoes and scrambled eggs and usually is garnished with parsley and black olives. It’s a pretty cheap recipe and easy to prepare so it became popular quickly.

Bacalhau à Brás, where Brás stands for the surname of its creator, originated in Barrio Alto, really close to Equity Point Lisboa Hostel.

Image | Fpenteado

Praça do Comércio, an unforgettable square in Lisbon


Praça do Comércio has just been opened again after being closed for a while to have some conservation works done. So now it the perfect moment to get to Lisbon and enjoy this renewed square that is just 15 minutes in walking distance from Equity Point Lisboa Hostel.

Praça do Comércio was the old maritime entry to Lisbon and it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in Portugal. Some of the buildings surrounding the square are official government agencies.

One of the sides of the Praça do Comércio is open to the Tajo River with its jetty and estuary. But the main visual impact comes from the Dom José I statue –until 1755 there was an Apollo statue but an earthquake destroyed it-.

Lisbon’s Praça do Comércio is a must visit at every trip to the city. And remember you won’t find a better placed hostel in Lisbon than Equity Point Lisboa.

Photo | OsvaldoGago

A New Years Eve in Lisbon


Lisbon is gorgeous city and it prepares really special parties for New Years Eve. This year it can be even more awesome because for the first time there’s an Equity Point Hostel in Lisbon. And it will be fun!

There will be a giant free party at Praça do Comércio starting from 10 pm with live music from the Portuguese bands ‘A Fúria do Açúcar’ and ‘Xutos e Pontapés’ . And of course, there will be fireworks all along the river.

There will be also several parties in the main neighborhoods of Lisbon. So if you want to have a really special New Year’s Eve come to Equity Point Lisboa. You’ll have an unforgettable night!

Lisbon Trams


A typical picture of Lisbon always has a tram or an elevator in it, and Lisbon is a city that dazzles for its yellow trams –the red ones are tourist trams-, which are the most used public transport in the city. There are two different kinds of trams in Lisbon: the oldest ones are from the First World War and the most modern ones are largest.

The trams just work around the most centric parts of the city, but it’s not a problem because they can get you back to Equity Point Lisboa from the most charming neighborhoods of Lisbon and from most of the tourist spots.

And the most remarkable of it all is that, because it’s a public transport, it’s pretty cheap to take one of the yellow trams, and even the funicular railways, so you can enjoy a trip around Lisbon and back to the hostel for an affordable price.

Santa Justa Elevator in Lisbon


When you stay at our hostel in Lisbon you should pay a visit to Santa Justa Elevator. It’s a lift –also known as Carmo Elevator- located at the end of Rua de Santa Justa that connects the roads of Baixa and Largo do Carmo –yes, you need a lift to go from one to the other-.

The Santa Justa Elevator is an urban lift built at the beginning of S. XX to ease the transport between the high and low neighborhoods in Lisbon. But as it also have some of the greatest views of the city,  quickly became one of the mayor tourist attractions of Lisbon.
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Equity Point is opening a new hostel in Lisbon


This coming November 1st, the Catalan company Equity Point will be opening the doors to its newest hostel in Lisbon. The building is located at number 9, Travessa do Fala So de Lisboa, right at the crossroads of the Restauradores and the Barrio Alto neighborhoods. This opening is the result of a long search by Equity Point for the perfect location in which to house its operations.

The hostel will have 150 beds and features various common rooms, two terraces, and magnificent views over the city of Lisbon. The building is a former palace which has been lovingly restored to maintain all of its unique character and features:  3 meter-high ceilings, antique fireplaces, original hardwood mosaic floors and picture windows with breathtaking views over the city, all while assuring the maximum comfort and convenience for our guests. We are also very pleased to offer a furnished garden in which to enjoy a rest in the shade after a day visiting the city.

Equity Point is the leader in the Catalan Youth Tourism market and one of the biggest youth travel companies internationally. It currently operates 8 hostels: three in Barcelona and one each in London, Madrid, Gerona, Marrakesh, and now also Lisbon.



Lisbon is a beautiful Portuguese city with a rich historical past that starts even before the Roman Empire. This cultural heritage is common for most European cities but in Lisbon emerges in magnificent castles, impressive churches and eclectic neighborhoods in a unique and fascinating way.

Lisbon is set on seven hills that give the city distinctive skylight with narrow streets, picturesque architecture and tiny yellow trams. When you walk through the streets of Lisbon you’ll cross incredible buildings, great boulevards and lots of monuments, particularly in the upper districts like Barrio Alto. The Rio Tejo flows through the streets into the Atlanctic Ocean adding splendid bridges to the city. Continue reading