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Culture - History - Architecture - Modernism

Let's Discover
Free tour

Discover Barcelona's history and culture on a free walking tour!

activity free tour

On a 2.5 hour walking tour you can discover Barcelona’s great history, architecture and you can experience its vibrant energy and culture. An enthusiastic local guide will take you on a tour and gives you the possibility to explore both the lifestyle and the history of the Catalan capital. You be taken to the famous sites like the Barcelona Catherdral and the Gothic Quarter, while you will also find out about less known legends and heroes of this unique city.

Price: Free
Frequency: Daily
Time: 10AM - 11AM - 2PM
Location: Jaume I Metro Exit at the square Plaça de l’Àngel

Let's Discover
Gaudi Tour

On this tour you will discover the beautiful, modernist buildings of the great Antoni Gaudí

activity gaudi

The amazing, Modernist buildings of Antoni Gaudi are definitely one of the highlights and best-known features of Barcelona. These buildings have been created during the Catalan Renaissance in the 19th century where architects and artists combined modern styles with traditional ones and this has created a great addition to Barcelona’s culture and architecture. On this two hour walking tour we will take you to the best examples of Gaudi’s modernists pieces of art like the Sagrada Familia, Casa Battló and Casa Milà. After the tour you will have met a beautiful and new side of Barcelona.

Price: Adult: 12€/ Student: 10€
Frequency: Daily
Time: 2:30PM
Location: Jaume I Metro Exit at the square Plaça de l’Àngel

Let's Discover

It's definitely worth it to explore one of Gaudí's masterpieces from the inside. Take your chance and visit La Pedrera!

activity pedrera

“La Pedrera” or Casa Milà is one of the master pieces of Architect Antoni Gaudí. This very extraordinary building was constructed between 1906 and 1912 and recognized as UNESCO World Heritage in 1984. The building has a very unusual façade and a remarkable and beautiful rooftop. It is definitely one of the most iconic buildings of Barcelona and one of the best-known pieces of work of the amazing architect Antoni Gaudí. If you buy your ticket with us, you have the right for entrance to the building, a free audio-guide and you are able to skip the waiting line!

Price: 20,50€
Frequency: Daily
Time: From 9:00AM till 8:00PM
Location: Provença, 261-265, Barcelona




For the foodies

Food - Tapas

For the foodies
Tapas Experience

Do you like food? Then join this tour and explore Barcelona's food culture!

activity tapas

Let’s go and have some tapas! If you join us on this tour, you will discover one of the most typical nights out in Spain. Tapas nights are a great way to discover the Spanish and the Catalan cuisine. On this tour we let you try the most famous tapas of Spain like croquets, patatas bravas, Spanish ham and bread with tomato. This night we will go to three bars in the Barceloneta and El Born neighbourhoods; in the very centre of the city. You will also learn how to drink wine and cider like locals and you can enjoy discounts in every bar.

Price: Adult: 20€ / Student: 18€
Frequency: Daily
Time: 7PM
Location: Jaume I Metro Exit at the square Plaça de l’Àngel





Bike - Tour - Football

Bike Tour

Do you want to discover Barcelona in an active way? Then the bike tour is your thing!

activity bike tour

Barcelona is a very innovative city that keeps re-inventing itself and that is always full of energy. Not only because of the tourists, but also because of the locals and the architecture that will never stop surprising you. We would like to show you the Barcelona that Gaudí first saw when he came here for the first time as a 16 year-old in the 19th century, and we also want you to discover how the city has changed ever since. This 2.5 hour will take you to along all the spots that show you how Barcelona has broken free from its medieval style and has turned into the modernistic city it still is today. The streets of Barcelona are perfect for cyclists and pedestrians, so a pleasant tour is assured!

Price: Adult: 18€ / Student: 16€
Frequency: Daily
Time: 10:30AM
Location: Jaume I Metro Exit at the square Plaça de l’Àngel

Camp Nou Experience

As a football fan you really shouldn't miss the chance to see FC Barcelona's stadium!

activity camp nou

Are you a big sports fan? Then the Camp Nou Experience is definitely something you should do during your visit in Barcelona. This tour gives you the opportunity to discover the biggest football stadium of Europe and to find out everything about FC Barcelona’s history in the museum. The tour takes about 1,5 hour and will let you walk in the footsteps of Barça’s legends and it will give you a sneak peak of how it is to be a player of one of the best teams of Europe.

Price: Adult: 23€ / Kid: 18€
Frequency: Daily
Time: From 9:30AM till 7:30PM
Location: Carrer de Aristides maillol 12, Barcelona

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